Skin-tightening cream

Every emerging concept in skin care regime entails a lot of expectations, whether positive or negative. Same is the case with skin tightening cream production in recent years. But the indication falls more towards negativity according to the evaluations of skin care specialists. Whether skin tightening cream is used for firming face, neck, legs, stomach or any other part of the body, it provides tightness for the time being but for life time plum skin you need something more healthy. With growing age, skin stat sagging due to lose of fatty acids and oils, more specifically collagen from the skin layers. Along with age factors, there are also other issues like pollution, smoking etc. that make your skin texture deteriorate and lose its plumpness.  All the varieties of skin tightening creams in the markets claim quick firming results for loose, saggy or cellulite skin. But practically they are not able to produce optimum results because of poor formulation and the magic does not work in reality.

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Factors for lost plumpness of skin

Plastic surgery and other dermal skin procedures like fillers and lasers cannot be replaced with skin tightening creams in quest of gaining the same outcomes. The structure and fabrication of skin need some essential elements that cannot be induced in the skin through creams effectively. To know about the benefits and drawbacks of skin tightening creams, you need to understand the factors that build the structure of plum skin of your body.

  • Collagen and Elastin are the two main components of your skin that makes it flexible, plump and perky. These 2 things keeps the skin bouncy and healthy.
  • Fats, muscles, oils, proteins and acids etc. are also imperative to make the skin tight and firm.
  • To lose any of above factor, you can get your skin damages and crepe, whether it’s due to health, environment or usage of wrong skin care products.
  • In the early ages the production of elastin and collagen are at high levels but with aging it drops to the lowest level.
  • Medical procedures and skin tightening creams cannot make your skin produce more collagen and elastin for fixing the saggy skin.
  • More sun exposure can result in loosening the skin texture.
  • Lots of moisture from the skin can also make it appear crepe.
  • Most of claims for skin firming products are lame as they don’t have such ingredients that can tighten the hide.
  • Few optimal formulas of skin tightening creams have re-engineered collagen and elastin but the problems is that how it can bond with the elastin and collagen present in your skin.
  • Better formulas can bring some positive results but it takes a large time span and you need be quite patient in achieving them.

Alternatives that can help

Using skin tightening creams for uplifting your face, neck, stomach or buttocks, you need to add other helping constituents that assist in fabricating firm skin. Nothing is more reliable and long lasting than natural elements that can keep your skin fresh and plump along with the glow of youth. Several skin care products also contain effective ingredients to make your skin work for maintaining its health and keep it active in making more cells, collagen and elastin for the future.

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  • Sunscreen are vital for everyday use that can prevent skin damage and early collagen lost, apply the higher SPF lotion of cream to all exposed body parts to protect them from sharp UV rays.
  • Use skin care products that include skin-repairing features in addition with cell-communication and potent antioxidants to let your skin works efficiently and produce ample amount of collagen plus elastin.
  • Skin care products that have fruits and other natural extracts like Aloe Vera should be preferred for natural support
  • Use daily exfoliant to get rid of dead skin, retain smoothness and increase blood flow for keeping it healthy
  • Exfoliants with glycolic acid or salicylic acid to help your skin stay firm
  • Retinol or in general vitamin A is also essential to apply regularly before bed to keep your skin’s cell bonded and collagen to maintain its shape for toned skin.