The chronic inflammatory skin problem names as psoriasis disease has become a quite common issue in recent years. It has no specific reason to occur on any part of the body with slight to acute emergence. It makes your skin cells to grow quickly to form thick layers of silver, white or red patches on the concerned area. New skin cells rise rapidly in few days rather than weeks to make plaques on the surface of skin. They can be irritating, itching and embracing for the patients to bare them while socializing. The size of patches vary from small to large by harming your hands, feet, ears, elbows, back and scalp. Teens and kids are easy target for this disease along with adults and older people.

Scalp psoriasisscalp-psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is spreading widely around the globe. It is influencing about 7.5 billion people and approximately half of them are residents of America who suffer this disease on various parts of body. The disease is not transmittable. As about other psoriasis issues, scalp psoriasis the exact reasons are unknown. The ailment can be as minor as a tiny patch or can grow over the whole scalp up to forehead or back of neck. Severe conditions of thick crusted layers of skin cells can lead to skin infections; lesions and hair lose to result in bleeding scratches.

Causes and warning signs

As mentioned above there are no exact causes behind the eruption of psoriasis on the scalp. There are still some indications that can turn out in the distressing problem of psoriasis. You can take these signs into account for gripping the issue in initial stages to restrict it from spreading over the whole scalp.

  • Family history with psoriasis increases chance for its emergence in any stage of your life
  • It can be initiated by particular weather conditions
  • Low immune system can provide the chance of occurrence to this problem

As it appears prominently on the skin and scalp, you can easily identify symptoms of this skin problem. Even is the psoriasis is very slight, you can still see the thin layers of white or silver dead cells. The flaky skin turned into thick crusted skin with stiff scales that irritate, scratched harshly, treated unfavorably and itchy sensation to make you feel stressed. If you visit your physician for diagnosis of the skin problem, they might examine closely or take a bit of skin as sample for laboratory test.

  • Itchy skin with sense of burning
  • Feeling of sensitivity on certain portions of scalp
  • Development of white flacks on affected portion
  • Dehydrated scalp prone to get dandruff
  • White and silverfish scales that turns into thick layers in few days
  • Frequent but temporary hair loss
  • Bleeding due to scratches and forceful scale peeling

Possible treatments

There are many treatments, remedies and medications that can reduce or avoid the acute condition of While buying the appropriate moisturizer, has never been straightforward when you find yourself surrounded by uncountable jars, bottles, tubes and vials.but still cannot end with a complete cure. Starting from minor issues that needs simple treatments like medicated shampoos, ointments, lotions, creams, oils, soaps and gels to provide instant relief and regular solution for the disorder. As the problem persists and spread further, it needs more efficient and tough medication to heal the severe scratches and burn like feeling of scalp skin. These competent therapies that are mostly recommended by dermatologists can be:

  • Medicine to smear on scalp
  • Injections to deal with infection
  • Scale softener to tender the thick layers
  • Biologic medication to treat the disease from inside
  • Light treatments to reduce the patches

Whether you are using some self suggested medicated skincare product or following the prescription of an expert dermatologist, you need to know and understand the significance of basic elements of those shampoos, ointments and gels that provide relief to the itchy skin and eliminate the scaling problem.

  • Salicylic acid
  • Anathralin medication considered best for the problem
  • Coal tar for removing scales from scalp
  • Antimicrobials controls bacterial and yeast infections
  • Tazarotene vitamin A imitative
  • Calcipotriene vitamin D offshoot