To look beautiful and younger, throughout our life we spend immeasurable time to find the beauty and skin care product. Flawless and glowing skin demand more careful thought about products and skin care routine and it is very important to find harmless products such as natural skin care products that suit our skin to feel healthier and radiant. We see new care products on TV and in magazines every day and there will be many products which your friends have suggested you but you should keep in mind that the product which may have worked for your friend may not work for you. So, you have to find your skin type first. Many  pharmaceutical expertise and chemist use nourishing oils to smoothen skin in their formulas but these formulas contain various synthetics too which causes itching and irritation. While the chemical free organic skin care products cleanse and soothes the skin , calms redness , balance skin tone and keep the skin soft and supple without any irritation.

A recent study revealed that up to 80 percent of all beauty and skin care products contained a carcinogenic impurities including 1,4-dioxane, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, and acrylamides. These chemicals have a great tendency to damage the skin and can cause liver and neurological disorders. Due to this people are turning to natural skin care products, which is a good thing. Natural skin care products or organic skin care products are chemical free products that contain ingredients derived from nature that are harmless for skin and provide anti-inflammatory relief.

Although organic products are suitable for all skin types but best for them who have irritated and sensitive skin. As these products do not contain any side effect people prefer to use them. They help to reduce the itching , minimize the redness, keep the skin cool , smooth and resilient. That’s why the use of natural skin care products has become popular.  By using these products you can drastically change your appearance. If you have sensitive skin and you are prone to skin itching and irritation then following are some natural skin care products for you:

7 Natural Skin Care Products

  • Aloe Vera


This beauty plant used in many medical and skin care products contain over 75 nutrients including vitamins, minerals, salicylic acid and amino acids. The aloe gel was one of the beautification secrets of Egyptian queen Cleopatra ‘s beauty. It has great ability to absorb and restore moisture and helps to soften the skin . It is commonly used in gels, moisturizing lotions, cleansers and toners due to its healing, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal property.

  • Baking Soda

baking-soda-natural-skin-care-productBaking soda or sodium bicarbonate one of the most useful and inexpensive ingredients for skin care is a great substitute of  Aloe Vera . It helps to buff away the dead skin cells , regulates PH , treats sunburns,  relieves burning ,itching and irritating skin and also soften the skin. It is added in the face and body lotions and cleansers to get smooth texture. It is also used as pH stabilizer.

  • Beeswax


Beeswax is another amazing organic skin care product produced by honeybees. It is a natural wax that has anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Beeswax is a natural nourishing moisturizer that helps to retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated, reduce dryness, protects the skin from environmental assault , help skin cells regeneration and keep the skin soft and supple .It is used in base, hair and face masks and salves with very pleasant smell.

  • Coconut Oil


Coconut is awesome for skin with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It contains short term medium-chain saturated fatty acids, caprylic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid that boosts the immune system’s . It keeps the skin’s tissues strong which prevents ageing , helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines , protects skin against free radical damages ,prevents sagging and keep the skin young , soft and glowing. It is also good for hairs and is used in various shampoos, body lotions and bath beads.

  • Citric Acid


Citric acid also known as E330 is a natural and very powerful antioxidant in skin care regime. It is best for skin rejuvenation with skin lightening and astringent properties. It stimulates the collagen production , protects against free radicals damages , reduces the wrinkles and fine lines , slow down the ageing process and minimizes scars and freckles. Citric acid is naturally occurring preservative which is used in scrubs, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and for bath fizzes.

  • Sea Salt


Sea salt is another amazing natural ingredient for skin care, produced from evaporating seawater and saltwater lakes. It contains many essential nutrients and minerals that helps draw toxins out of the skin, exfoliates , sloughs off dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, cleanses and reduces itching and irritation. It lightens complexion and is used in face washes and other scrubs. Due to its anti-septic and anti-fungal properties salt sea bath is a perfect for at-home spa treatment and it can do wonders for serious skin conditions such as psoriasis and  eczema.

  • Maitake Mushrooms


If you have sensitive skin then these mushrooms will help you to avoid suffering from redness and rosacea. It has soothing properties like Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts.