best moisturizer for dry skinKeeping the level of hydration sustained in winters becomes quite a difficult task for people having a dry skin type. They need to pick the best moisturizer for dry skin that matches the specific needs of problem areas and overall skin condition. While buying the appropriate moisturizer, has never been straightforward when you find yourself surrounded by uncountable jars, bottles, tubes and vials. Selecting the right one among them is a daunting task as all of them belong to reputed companies of skin care products. Educate yourself about your own skin, its dryness level, problem areas and severity of hitches before you emerge in a cosmetic shop or departmental store.

Furthermore you also require having some awareness about the properties of moisturizers that can solve your issues and give relief to flaky, chapped and parched skin nuisance. Always read the labels of products other than price relevant to:


The main purpose of moisturizers is to make skin smooth and soft, eliminates cracked and parched segments on your body as well as keep it hydrated. To attain these results, search for the emollients in the ingredient section. Emollients are the key source of hydration, silkiness and moist skin emergence. Petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oils and fatty substances like Dimethicone are few major examples of emollients that you can easily find in ant best moisturizer for dry skin. Petrolatum or petroleum jelly is believed to be occlusive ingredient that emulates the flaky dead skin and locks the water in the cells, by the skin experts.

Skin supportive

Knowing your skin is the fist and primary step to make perfect choices in skin care products and sustain its freshness forever. An inappropriate product on your skin can result in severe skin damage, itchiness and cell destruction. To avoid such situation be vigilant while purchasing the skin protector against extreme winters. Facial skin layers are thinner than rest of body hide, and it needs more concentration along with sophistication for effective care. Never use same moisturizer for body and face; the direction part can be consulted to know where to use the product. “Non-comedogenic” moisturizers can keep your skin pore unclogged; “hypoallergenic” labeled should be checked to select the moisturizer for sensitive skin whereas “Oil-free” or “water-based” means that the product is good for oily skin types. Furthermore glycerin based are best moisturizer for dry skin. To handle the combo skin type, you need to make a bit extra effort to grab a light lotion to moisturize all the face and target the dry patches with spots of serum or ointment.

Sun screen

The damaging rays of the sun also shine in winter too, so you need to take of that factor also. Always search for 30 SPF level in the moisturizer to safeguard your skin radiance from UV rays during staying under the sun to cherish the warmth of winter sunlight. A best moisturizer for dry skin with sunscreen will not only keep your skin tone even but also maintains its youthful glow, prevent wrinkles and skin breakage.


For bed time miniaturization, you also need to consider some unique ingredients that are more beneficial for night application. Retinol that contains vitamin A constituent of your skin is found in all up-to-date skin care products, specifically in best moisturizer for dry skin to handle aging problems. Applying it before bed makes your skin make new cells and keeps it healthy. But over usage can also make diverse effects like skin irritation and redness.


Dimenthicone comes in several skin care products such as toners, lotions or cream moisturizers as well as in makeup products as foundations and primers. It’s ideal to provide shine, smooth texture and prevent roughness or irritation of any kind. The silicone oil in dimenthicone covers the skin with a fine layer of fat to protect the moisture in the skin. The smoothing strength of silicon oil makes it useful in many kinds of general skin problems as well as in medical issues.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the only skin care ingredient that is already present in the human body, to maintain eyeball shape and lubrication in the joints. The substance has been getting great popularity since few years due to its capability of giving plumpness to the skin. The problem starts when age increases and hyaluronic begin depleting. The presence of this ingredient in best moisturizer for dry skin draws the moisture from inside of skin to the outer layer to smooth look.


Ceramides build the cells of your skin’s outer layer structure. Its portion in the skin care products holds the cells of skin together. Providing plentiful ceramides can eradicate flakiness, dryness and scaling of facial skin. All the best moisturizers for dry skin offer this precious element for regularly evolving skin generation. Low levels of this material can make your skin vulnerable to environmental factors.