skincare-revolution-for-year-2014New Year revolution for skin care is that how to take care of your skin. Force of change is gathering because of years of dedication, determination and focus on high natural vision. This leads towards skin care revolution. Now days, most people have skin problems like pimples, itching, rashes, black and white heads and many other problems.Pimples are most common problem in young generation both men and women. With the passing time, there are many revolutions that have taken place in skin treatments. Most people demand blushing and glowing skin. According to this requirement of people, skincare industry makes such products that fulfill the requirement of people.

Trend of using herbs and kitchen accessories for skin care has been replaced by new skin care products.  All moisturizing creams and lotions come these days with sun protecting factor which in addition to give shine and smoothness to your skin also protects your skin from harmful ultra violet radiations.  Protecting your skin from harmful radiations of sun is not a big problem anymore, you would find many quality sun blocks with sun protecting factor of 100 or more. Many vitamin capsules are available in market for skin fairness and glow. All these products depict skin care revolution in 2014.

New Year Revolution for skin care

1.Three glass of water in the morning

The best way to refresh your skin is to drink three glass of water in the morning which reduces the maximum skin problems.

2. Use branded Face wash

Skincare industry makes such high quality products which can control oily skin problems and dry skin problems. Use face wash or soup of good companies because it removes maximum dust and oil from your skin.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizing creams and lotions can also be used which moisturize your skin and preserve its glow.


Cleansing should be done because it removes dust and other particles which cannot be seen by naked eyes but affects the skin.


Most of the skin problems are caused by dust. Facial is very common and best process that refreshes your skin. But it is time consuming. Best quality of facial products should be used because facial skin is sensitive.


You can also do massage or scrub on your skin everyday which removes maximum dust from your skin.

7.Sun Block

Sun’s rays damage the skin very deeply therefore when we go outside, use sun block creams that protect your skin from dangerous effect of sun light.

8. Quality Makeup Products

We should use such make up products which are not harmful. Always make use of high quality make up and skin care products. Herbal products are the most excellent products for skin because they have no side effects.

9.Drink Fresh juice

Most dermatologists’ advise to drink fresh juice daily. Fresh juices recover your hormones, skin cells and make your skin glow.

10.Herbal Skincare Products

Use of Herbal products, facial products, cleansing and moisturizing lotions is the New Year revolution for skin care.