Nothing deteriorates human skin so rapidly and intensely than dry climate. To deal with the torn, flaky and chapped hide that gives inflammatory, irritating and itchy sensation you need the best lotion for dry skin. Although naturally dry skin needs optimum care and moisturization during intense winter weather, but normal to dry and even oily skin would also get splintered if it does not acquire a certain amount of supportive moisture.

To keep the body skin smooth and healthy, balance diet with minerals and proteins, water consumption up to 1.5 litres per day and nourishing skin treatments should be carried together. Endless range of dry skin care products have been launched in markets to help you deal with dry and blistering skin of hands, elbows ,legs and arms. You can use balmy creams, butters and best lotions for dry skin for comforting inflammation on cracked areas, restoring the texture of the outer layer and preventing discoloration of lips, hands and elbows. Here we are enlisting best lotions for dry skin that can solve your problems and gives you plump, radiant skin.

10 Best lotion for dry skin


1.The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lotion


Comprising sensational cocoa scent, Body shop cocoa butter lotion is the ideal product and the best lotion for dry skin in any weather condition. It soaks up into the skin, giving it instant life and vigorous to leave it smooth and sheer. Pure cocoa extracts from Ghana are basic the ingredient to liven up dying hide of your body and hands. Lightweight lotion quickly absorbs deep in the skin to give rich moisturization without any grease.

2.The Vaseline intense healers


Extensive range of Vaseline dry skin healer are some of best lotions for dry skin that comes in many flavours to let you choose the taste of your own. The intense Vaseline healers in aloe Vera, oat extracts, cocoa, Soya and intense healthy white options, provides complete skin repair, restoration and radiance. It promises to keep you hydrates till 10 hours of searing and parched weather conditions.

3.Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion


Natural  extracts are always bliss for the human body in any form. Himalaya intensive moisturizing body lotion takes care of your body skin with enriched and nutritious Olive Oil and grape seeds with organic creaminess to vanish off the dryness and fill the skin with strength of plumpness. It is the best lotion that give to your skin a soothing effect by applying thick layer of lotion and message slightly to let it get absorbed into pores for eliminating flakiness.

4.DOVE Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion


For people who need some extra help and care for their extreme dry and chapped skin regardless of the weather changes, Dove intensive nourishment body lotion is truly a miracle. It penetrates deeper into the skin; revitalize its health and its non greasy cream-oil formula leaves soft, smooth and glowing skin.

5.Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion


Facing intense dry, dehydrated and cracked skin would become intolerable during high winters and alteration of climate. Itchiness and inflammation is a common outcome of regular parched hide to give you prickly sensations. For placating such irritations, take aid from oatmeal compound provided in Aveeno daily moisturising lotion. It is the best lotion for dry skin that contains healing properties.

6.Jergens Dry Skin Moisturizer


The thick creamy moisturiser of Jorgens is ideal for daily use to keep dry natured skin silky and supple. Give rapid relief within 24 hours to dry out pelt of body with non-greasy finish. Experts recommend the impressive formula of Jergens to folks living in intense dry areas with frequent scorched skin issues.

7.Neutrogena NORWEGIAN Formula Moisture wrap


The dermatological tested and recommended moisturizer to treat dry body skin is none other then Neutrogena Norwegian formula intense moisture wrap. It is the best lotion for dry skin that fill ups the cracks of parched layer of skin and offer total comfort from problems of dehydrating skin. Its unique glycerine-rich complex wraps up skin into humid drape to keep it from factors of dryness as well as heals destructed outer layer and rejuvenates inner layers. Perfect for night as well as for day time use as it is lighter then cream and richer then moisturizer.

8.Nivea Smooth Sensation


Another reliable and best lotion for dry skin with Dermatologist recommendation is Nivea smooth sensation filled with precious ingredients. Triple action process of speedy absorption, nourishment and renaissance comes all together. Gingko Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E are the wonders that provide results in 24 Hours.

 9.Curél Ultra healing


With all the properties and expertise of above mentioned Nivea body lotion, this healing formula of Curél also help driest skin to get its glory back immediately. The exceptional advanced Ceramide Therapy formula gives a boosted revival to velvety skin with lasting radiance.

10.St.Ives Naturally Soothing Aloe & Chamomile Body Lotion


Thorough dried skin gets wrinkles and other aging signs much earlier than other kinds of skin. St.Ives moisturizing lotion with extracts of Aloe Vera and Chamomile is a great relief for dealing with dry, dull and wrinkled skin. Parabens & phthalates soothes sensitive skin and revive its youth with full glance.