under-eyes-wrinkleIt is commonly believed that the first sign of aging that appears on your face is under eye wrinkles. It’s not necessary that wrinkles, dark circles and drooping bags under eye always strike you due to aging, rather many young girls face this issue because of stress, lack of sleep, dry skin, less liquid in-take, wrong style of sleeping many other factors. These cases will be discussed in detail here to let you explore about the real cause of your under eye wrinkles problem. As the skin underneath our eyes is more sensitive and thinner than the rest of the facial hide. It gets easily affected by the external as well as internal lack of moisture as it doesn’t have oil producing glands. Fine lines under your eyes makes you look fatigued, dull and over aged in no time if you don’t fight them in early stages. This piece of writing will allow you to comprehend the diverse causes, preventions and treatments of under eye wrinkles.

Factual reason

Under eye wrinkles or crow’s feet would start bothering you in early ages in response to many reasons. These reasons elate to your lifestyle, health issues, and environmental effects etc. There could be single or multiple causes of ridges, lines, dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, for which you have to analyze them to identify the concern that is offending you.

  • UV rays are one of the major sources that are building these distressing wrinkles and damaging effects around the area of your eyes. People who get more exposure of sun can get the wrinkles under eyes more quicker than others. It’s not just that the sun harms the skin outwardly but it also limits the production of collagen of your skin.
  • Imbalanced hormones are another major aspect of getting the under eye wrinkles and aging issues before crossing twenties. Early menopause can also trigger the wrinkles to appear as it causes less production of elastin and collagen in the cells of skin layers.
  • Environment damages overall hide of your body as the first outer covering of your body. Pollution, dust and extreme weather conditions also play a vital role in making your skin weak and susceptible to wrinkling.
  • To sleep on your stomach, can also make your eyes bulge and wrinkled. Try to sleep on your back to keep your under eye skin firm and wrinkle free.
  • Genetic characteristics of one’s body influence the general performance of your body; under eye wrinkles is one of them that emerge premature. People with genetic problems of weak skin and low formation of collagen in the skin cells have to face these problems more often. You cannot fight with your genetics but still can do some efforts to keep them restricted.
  • Bad skin care is another initiator of under eye wrinkles. Low quality skin care products, less application of moistures, wrong selection of night creams and wrinkle free serums can make your look devastating.
  • Other provokers that can cause you look aged and frazzled are excessive intake of alcoholic drinks and smoking habit. Both practices can dry out moisture from your skin and diminish the healthy glow of your face.
  • Last but not least, aging brings everything that deteriorates your facial value. Wrinkles start appearing on your forehead, around the eyes, sides of the lips, under chin etc. Loss of protein, mineral oils, vitamins and collagen can turn your skin saggy, drooping and crinkled.

Provisions and Preventions

  • Water, water and water, drink as much water as you can in a day but on appropriate timing. Take water in the early morning with empty stomach, 30 minutes before every meal and 1 hour after eating, keep hydrated after every 2 hours through the day and also at bedtime.
  • Take proper sleep is a must to avoid and eliminate under eye wrinkles. Use proper sleeping position i.e. sleeping on your back with leveled head position. 8 hours of sleep every night can sustain your youthful skin and dazzling eyes.
  • Use sunscreen frequently to save your skin from harmful effects of sunlight. Specifically your eyes to develop wrinkles around them through squinting due to sharp beams of light. Make use of sun-glasses if you have to expose in the sun for long hours.
  •  Prefer study glasses if you feel strain to read the text. It will help you to see without narrowing your eyes that tend to develop ridges.
  • Wrong facial expressions, rubbing eyes and keeping the area dry can also result in making wrinkles.

Fixes and treatments for under eye wrinkles

  • Laser treatments are quite successful to clear under eye wrinkles by treating sub layers of under eye skin and regenerate the skin structure by inducing microscopic rays in the pores. Fraxel Re:Store and Fractional CO2 are the most common type of treatments along with a large array of procedures that entail many benefits as well as drawbacks.
  • Dermal fillers are choice of removing wrinkles immediately as it elevates the volume under the eyes with protein substance. They stay for about 1 year with clear and glowing skin but you need to refill the area again after the period.
  • Botox is another procedure like dermal fillers that gives instant results by injecting botulinum toxins under the eyes to smooth wrinkled skin and turn them disappear.
  • Eye creams are also beneficial for avoiding and clearing under eye wrinkles with regular usage. For keeping the skin firm you should start using eye creams before the appearance of aging signs. There are numerous varieties of creams and serums that sustain the moisture in the skin, make it firm, save it from sun damage and keep it active to produce collagen in ample amount to give fabulous radiance.