Sensation of Valentine’s Day is overwhelming every loving heart to get prepared for the big day. Women get more conscious for dressing their beauty with charms to ensnare their loved ones. Every girl strives hard to style with chic and graceful attire, flawless makeup and accessories to strike the party and let his valentine skip his heart beat. Sometimes in attempt of making themselves look outstanding, women get too much of makeup and wrong kind of styling that can ruin their impression and more badly affect their relationship.Valentine-day-flawless-Makeup

Valentine day party, dinner or date can become the most memorable, fascinating and boosting event in your association with vigilant styling and flawless makeup solutions to appear you more youthful, fresh, sparkling and loveable. Adoring yourself is the basic key to make your admirable and striking for others. Be yourself, sustain your personality, love your features and select to wear that matches your figure, shine out your skin tone and make your eyes twinkle.In this article I am going to share with you flawless makeup tips to make your valentine’s heart skip a beat.

20 flawless makeup tips

1. Do not put heavy layers of foundation, extreme contouring and bronzing effects; they can make your look caked and untouchable.

2. Go for neutral foundations, BB, CC and DD creams for smooth, natural and younger look.

3. Damping application sponge can help to unify the foundation cream to merge well in pores and creeks around your nose.

4. Apply soft or neutral shades on lips to give yourself a dewy appearance, let your purity pour out.

5. Don’t get dramatic with your eyes; stay simple, stylish and classic.


6. Use fine eyeliner with a matte finish and draw pattern that compliments your attractive eyes.

 7. Avoid overdoing your lashes or it will ruin your whole face, too much thick and wide can put him off.

8. If using only eyeliner on the upper lid to amplify eye shape, don’t forget to apply eye-pencil at the inner edge of the upper lid to give perfect emerge.

9. Be wise while applying blush-on to enhance the cheeks, elongated face should be blushed over the cheeks in round brush rotation, square face should be enhanced by applying blush from the tip of cheekbone up to the upper end and round face should be blushed under the cheek bone.

10. Red looks great on your body but not the lips, stay away from shrieking colours in lipsticks.

11. Apply moisturizer all over your body, especially cracked and flaky parts like elbows and heels for satin touch.

12. Satin silk shimmering moisturizers can glorify your sensual legs, beautiful arms and attractive shoulders.

13. Try to avoid glittering cosmetics, particularly in sharp colours of eye shadows.

14. Key of gorgeous makeup is to blend well for neutralizing suitable foundation, eye shadows, bronzers, blush-on and lip pencil.

15. Use fingers tips to operate like makeup applicators instead of sponges and brushes, as finger tips produce heat and let the cosmetic merge into skin seem like its natural part.

16. Pick luscious lip gloss that gives a smoother finish rather than sticky one, L’Oreal can help.

17. Select cosmetic colours according to your skin tone to enhance your features, never match with the outfit.

18. Nail colour should also be included in complete range of special day makeup, we recommend to prefer French manicure or elegant nail adornment.

19. Loud perfumes are not favoured to attract the man of your dream close to you, soft, swaying and captivating fragrances should be your gear.

20. Use perfume on body areas that are more active in blood circulation or produces heat to let the aroma spread continuously around you i.e. neck, under your ear, and inner wrists.