Generally we see women coming with oily skin and bad acne issues. But suffering acne problem with dry skin especially in winters makes no sense. But both things can exist together awkwardly to drive you crazy. In order to get rid of these irritating issues, you might use more and more moisturizer  to keep your skin hydrated with a thought that it might prevent break outs of acne. Winters are highly dry to directly affect your facial skin to make it parched. And if it accompany with pulpy acnes it will get very tricky for you to keep your skin moisturized with greasy creams or to dry out mushy pimples. Here we try to provide you some beneficial information about problem you are facing.



To understand the reasons for any skin problem, you should concentrate on each and every aspect of different factors that affect your skin to built bad sectors of infectious acne, rather than just pondering about what skin type you have. You might find the appropriate reason of your skin issue in the causes listed below:

  • As an adult, you would expect that acne cannot burst out itself as it did in your teen, but it’s not the case. You can get this acne break out at any time whenever you will face a hormonal imbalance.
  • Over usage of dry soups and skin cleansers can make your skin shriveled and soup ingredients can clog your pore to form thick pimples.
  • Frequent use of alcoholic skin products like astringents and tonics can also scorched your fragile facial skin to damage it .
  • A misconception  about sunscreen is to use it only in extreme sun of summers, but winter sun can also be harmful if you have direct exposure, so use it regularly.
  • Application of intense acne treatment products might make your skin extra dry and dehydrated as they would contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic ingredients along with hazel, menthol, peppermint, alcohol or eucalyptus.
  • Bad eating habits and less liquids intact can also result in flaky face and dry skin .


  • Get rid of all the severe acne products and concentrate on few with best results.
  • Use water based face wash to keep your skin clean and dirt free.
  • Apply salicylic acid on effected area before going to bed , it will demolish acne issues and increases the growth of new skin to get rid of flakiness.
  • Usage of benzoyl peroxide will kill bad bacteria on your skin to reduce acne problems with regular usage. It will be less-irritating and damaging compared to other harsh products.
  • An anti-bacterial essential oil such as tea tree oil can do wonders to vanish pimples with just few applications.
  • Natural fruit astringents can assist you to treat dry skin conditions while retaining moisture of your skin.
  • A simple home remedy of smearing toothpaste on infectious spots is also beneficial.
  • To reduce redness of hard acne spots apply eye-drops as it reduces eye rosiness.
  • Use natural antihistamines like basils for effective treatment of severe acne issues.
  • In case of painful pimples with hard nails in them, sooth your skin with used green tea bag to decrease suffering.
  • For rapid action to shrink your pimples over night, crush some aspirin and paste it over the spots and wash in morning, same affect can be attained through black pepper powder.


  • Never scratch or pop your pimples, as it can spread infection on other parts of skin
  • Maintain skin with healthy options in foods, liquid intakes, skin care products and cosmetics.
  • Keep your face clean and avoid embracing it with hands as they might bring bad bacteria and dirt particles to make your skin more prone to acne.
  • Pick healthy options for skin rejuvenation such as anti-oxidants, vitamins and omega 3 from natural resources as well as supplements.
  • Do not over moisturize your skin with thick moisturizers like petroleum jelly that might fill your pores to make them suffocate .
  • Apply toner selectively on the area that produce oil or pimples to maintain rest of the skin carefully.
  • Try to stay away from stress and anxiety through regular exercise and meditation at a calm place.
  • Proper and on-time sleep is imperative to attain refreshing and glowing skin.
  • Get complete medical checkup on regular basis as other health issues can also cause bad acne problems like stomach diseases and hormonal imbalance.