Technology revolutionizes everything .There are many amazing and powerful products and everyday more and more are being released into the market to make you crazy. Smartphone and Android devices are arguably one of them and are increasingly a part of everyday life. There is great diversity you can find in their application and usage. Now, they don’t remain only the way of communication and entertainment but so much ingrained in our everyday lives. We have seen health care and medical apps are growing tremendously in the recent years. There are more than 50,000 healthcare apps to help you out. When it comes to looking for beauty and skin care regime, shouldn’t they help us, too ? Why not. Thousands of “skin care apps” have popped up and attracted the beauty conscious users looking for a simple and quick way to get healthy, soft, supple and fresh skin and enhance the outlook.

In this article I’ve picked the best smartphone apps that can assist you in your skin care routine and provide you expert advice , tips, tutorials and videos and update you with latest skincare trends around.

Best  Smartphone Apps for Skincare

1. Diet & Acne


 “diet & acne” is a nifty app for acne suffers to helps them which foods may can improve or worsen their acne. The app developed by researchers at Illinois-based Northwestern University  is a comprehensive source of information about the foods that can influence on acne outburst like antioxidant, fiber, milk, chocolate, sweets, fat, sugar and foods high in omega-6 fatty acids etc. It explains how certain foods can increase or decrease the presence of acne and affect skin conditions by providing evidence from a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature on acne.  This app also gives a review on other causes which make acne worse and helps you how to improve the skin conditions. You can  download this app for free from the iTunes app store.

2. MySkin


“mySkin” is incredibly convenient app for people who are looking for best skin care products for them. It comes with a question an answer section , wishlist, and has the ability to keeps track of what products you have tried it in the past and save your experience. Among the unfathomable number of skin care  products choosing  right one for your particular skin type is a tougher nut to crack. mySkin helps you filter out products that have damaging ingredients after taking a skin assessment based on questionnaires and recommends specific products best for your skin. This app also scans and analyze moles , track the changes over time in them  and allows you to send moles images to dermatologist for expert opinion. It let you to pair up with friends or someone who has a similar issues on skin to share experiences with each others .

3. FaceLift


“FaceLift ” is another great app from the leading facial visualization company ModiFace.  This app is designed to envisioning the effects  of aging ,cosmetic surgery and  facial contouring including nose reshaping, smile line softening, lip augmentation, brow lift, forehead smoothing, under eyes ,jaw contouring and much more. It allows to upload a photo of yourself or a model , simulates the results and gives you a general idea how you might look after the surgery and contouring on your own front and side photo . Absolutely! this app is a convenient way to give some points for discussion before starting that round of actual surgery and consultations.

 4. Leaping Bunny

Leaping-Bunny-skincare-appThe Leaping Bunny app was published by the coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program . This free app is very helpful to make sure that the product you are going to buy cruelty-free products. Although the EU ban on animal tested skincare and beauty products. Unfortunately, some companies can still carry on animal testing of ingredients and products. The Leaping Bunny provides a list of more than 200 brands that have not to test on animals and makes sure that you are buying ‘cruelty-free’ skin care and beauty products.



“MyOwn” is a revolutionary app that uses facial recognition technology developed by the skin health company Own Products. It helps to analyze and track the aging of skin. The app determines the signs of aging by measuring the number and percentage of wrinkles , age spots and fine lines on your face and compares it with others in your peer group and recommends the appropriate skin care.



SunWise app provides the information about UV index for the day and is an incredible  app for someone who spend a lot of time in outdoor activities. As the sun radiates ultraviolet rays that damage the skin and can cause sunburns , cataracts and skin cancers . It is important for everyone to sheltered the skin from overexposure to the sun to avoid blistering sunburns. SunWise app forecasts the expected intensity of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun and helps you to plan the outside activities to minimize your exposure to the harmful rays or to choose sunscreen accordingly ..

7. SpaFinder


SpaFinder app is designed to find out nearby salons , spas , yoga locations in your town and to get immediate appointments . This app makes your life easier and helps you to schedule yours spa treatments and yoga sessions .You can use it to discover special offer and discount deals and promotions , to book manicure or massage treatment  to view customer reviews .



GoodGuide is another app might be worth a download that helps you to identify products that are safe for you. This app is free and has pretty reliable information on companies and products, including personal care , food and household cleaners etc. The products are rated on health, environmental, and social criteria that helps you to choose the best healthier and safest products . The app allows you to scan the barcodes , provide a full list of ingredients and nutrition facts to reveal whether the products you are buying are safe and healthy.

9. Nēvus


“nēvus ” app was created by the dermatologist Dr. Malinee Saxena to monitor the moles , skin tags and other skin marks by taking sequential photographs It keeps track changes and  development in the skin so that before they become problematic you can consult your dermatologist. The sunscreen visualizer feature in it, based on the current UV index, allows to set an alarm that reminds you when , how much and how often sunscreen to apply on the skin . It also provides useful tips, newest procedures for aging , and regularly updated information about the skin care . It also helps to discover products recommendations from a board-certified dermatologist.

With the help of these apps you can find ratings of the hottest and suitable skin care products that helps to make the lives prettier by getting an idea of what will suit on you or can even help you to locate a nearest dermatologist in the town. So what are you waiting for? You can download all these apps from the iTunes app store or from Google Play Store.